How to clean carpets thoroughly

How to clean the carpet thoroughly, follow these simple tips to clean them thoroughly and leave the carpets as new.

Carpets maintain their beauty longer if they are thoroughly cleaned at least once a year , a task for which it is convenient to call professionals. You can do it if you know what you do, but it is a dirty and huge work and the methods and home appliances still do not have the cleaning power available to professionals.

But for the day to day these are the cleaning tips:

Know your carpet, it is important that you know the manufacturer’s recommendations, since it is important to know what kind of materials are made .

Opt for steam instead of shampoo:

When buying or renting a carpet cleaner, stop by the steam. The shampoos, older, use rotating vanes to apply the detergent solution and often wet them excessively. The film that forms the shampoo is sometimes difficult to remove and causes the carpet to get dirty again.

First of all the vacuum cleaner

Dust plus water equals mud, substance almost impossible to remove. Before cleaning the carpet, vacuum thoroughly to remove as much loose dust as you can.

Buy the right products

Decide for specific products to clean carpets at home and follow the instructions when mixing solutions.


Use a prewash spray and treat very dirty areas before cleaning the carpet.

Beware of humidity

Impregnated carpets are not cleaner, but wetter. After removing the product, make a second pass in dry to remove all possible moisture.