Tips for cleaning carpets

The houses usually have different decorative aspects, some furniture can be classic, modern, functional or avant-garde, but within the ambience of a house we find carpets as a fundamental element; many are the individuals who assure that a house without carpets is not a decorated house nor welcoming; The market offers us today a myriad of colors, sizes and styles which are adjusted to the tastes of each buyer.

What most scares people and makes you doubt about acquiring this good, is the cleaning of carpets, there are several myths that indicate that carpets are very beautiful but difficult to clean, and that makes consumers opt for the paqrué or the conventional wood floors; In this article we will show that carpet cleaning is not as complicated as it seems and can be done without investing a lot of time or money.

First of all we must emphasize that when a carpet gets dirty we must proceed to clean it immediately, the big mistake of all users is to wait for the guests of a celebration to leave and then carry out the cleaning; Most stains can be removed from your carpet after things have passed, but when the solutions or mixtures settle, it is when sanitizing it can become a karma.

cleaning-carpets-manFor carpet cleaning you should take a white paper towel, never colored paper, remove the liquid stain; It is important not to use a “color” because sometimes it can be mixed with the carpet.

If we have a spoon at the moment, we will use it to lift the liquid from the carpet without pressing down; The use of knives or knives is strictly prohibited when you need to remove anything from the carpet, this is how people cut the drawings of the carpets and irreversibly damaged them. In carpet cleaning you should not carve or brush any stain to remove it, this is also one of the most common actions that ruins carpets or their structure, in case of having a stain remover, we must examine it first before using it and apply it in a small part to visualize if it removes or damages the colors. Some removers are very strong and can even pierce part of the carpet; In case of not being sure of how to proceed in cleaning carpets you should hire a professional, the prices of carpet washers are quoted between USD $ 1 and USD $ 2 per square

Carpet cleaning step by step
Carpet cleaning can be done by ourselves as long as we take into account some logical steps and necessary to avoid damaging the carpet , the first step is to prepare the carpet for washing, in case your combination includes silk, we should not wash them but let a professional clean it.

The second step is to suck the carpet up, if you have long bristles we should vacuum more carefully to remove all dirt and insects that may be accumulated; If the bristles get stuck in the vacuum cleaner we should not pull them, we will just turn off the appliance and remove them one by one.

We can shake the dust using a broom or wooden stick, once we have removed it, we will vacuum again; the next step in carpet cleaning is to analyze the discoloration of the carpet before we wet it, we will only apply water and liquid shampoo in a small portion of it; we will use a soft brush and if we notice that the colors are combining with each other, we will let a professional clean it.

This is where we will only use cold water to wet its surface as long as the mat is deeply dirty, otherwise it is enough to vacuum; the use of natural soap for cleaning carpets is highly recommended, if we can not find one, we will use very soft or baby shampoo, under no circumstances we will use strong chemicals or stain removers. Neither should use the soap in an extreme way, just a little which will be spread by a soft brush, repeat the procedure about three times until we notice that all the dirt begins to disappear; finally let the carpet dry and try not to walk on it until it is completely dry.

Grandma’s tricks to clean carpets

Oxygenated water, lemon or salt are some of the best alternatives to cleaning products

To clean carpets at home easily and cheaply, you do not have to eat your head a lot. Although it may seem somewhat complicated, especially if you have children or pets at home , with these methods you can keep your carpets always clean.

At the time of If you do not want to waste your time and money looking for products to clean carpets, we present some of the best homemade tricks to make them look like new:

  1. Salt
    Salt is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning carpets. To remove the stains all you have to do is put a layer of salt on top, roll up the carpet and leave it like this for a few hours. It is then unrolled to aspirate the remains of the salt.
  2. Oxygenated water
    A trick if the stain is still wet is to apply over a little oxygenated water or simply sparkling water. Let it work without rubbing and dry it by putting an absorbent paper towel or a rag on it. It is very important to clean carpet stains from the edge to the inside to prevent them from getting bigger.
  3. White vinegar
    When it comes to cleaning carpets, white vinegar becomes one of the best tricks for houses where children or pets live that are always in contact with tissues. Although vinegar has an odor when it is wet, drying is odorless so it is perfect for people who suffer from asthma or are sensitive to the fragrance of cleaning products. Due to its acid quality, before using it to clean carpets, it must be diluted with a little water to avoid damaging the tissues to be treated.
  4. Ammonia
    When cleaning carpets, ammonia becomes one of the most effective tricks. Dilute the ammonia in hot water and apply it on the carpet with a vaporizer. The characteristic smell of ammonia will disappear when the carpet dries.

The best tips to leave your carpets as new

Everything you need to keep your carpets impeccable. In Guíalimpieza we give you the best tips to make your carpets look like the first day.

When we look at decoration magazines, television programs and see beautiful rooms decorated with wall to wall carpets , we can not deny the importance that carpets have in the decoration and how they are capable of transforming any space.

However, the biggest problem that always arises is how difficult it is to keep them like the first day. For this, in this article we leave you the best tips to make your carpets look radiant and as new.

The first thing we must take into account is that there are different types of carpets and therefore, different forms of care, depending on the material from which they are manufactured.

Wool carpets : It is recommended to vacuum them only once a week and if the carpet is very new, it is better to wait until it is dirtier.
Handmade carpets: It is better to clean them with a damp cloth, in the direction of the hair and then wait for it to dry.
Cotton rugs: The advantage of these rugs is that you can vacuum them, but also wash them with cold water and also dry.
Fiber carpets: There are synthetic ones that are very easy to clean like nylon and polyester. In the case of plant origin it is advisable to vacuum them every day or clean them dry. Tricks to remove stains.
For those who live with pets and often have to remove spots, there is an easy formula you can create in your own home, which consists of only combining water with soapy ammonia, which is perfect for carpets of wool, carpets and even synthetic.

In contrast, for food stains such as fruits, coffee, wine, sauces and others we recommend you to create a solution containing warm water, neutral detergent and vinegar. Then apply the liquid with a damp sponge and after a few minutes clean with a rag and let it dry.

Now if what you are looking for is to get rid of complicated stains like wax, oil, grease, tar, it is best to use a dry grease solvent.

And for stains of paints, chewing gums, acetone it is advisable to also use dry solvent, but then moisten the stain with the solution of warm water, vinegar and neutral detergent. And finish again with the solvent dry.

To erase mud spots or common dirt, we recommend checking that it is thoroughly dry and then brushing and applying an ammonia preparation with water.

As a final advice, we recommend that before applying any solution to your carpet, try first in a corner or in some part of poor visibility, if your carpet does not lose color.

How to clean a carpet: homemade tricks and recommendations

The carpets are an object of decoration that give warmth and personality to our environments. However, if we do not maintain them properly, besides losing intensity of color and caking, they can accumulate a lot of dust and with it, the mites that trigger some allergic processes.

What tricks can we recommend to clean the carpets and keep them in their optimal state?

The basic thing to keep our carpets clean is to vacuum and brush them regularly . This is the basis of good maintenance and will keep them fluffy like the first day. In addition, a trick so that the colors remain bright and do not go out is to apply salt every 15 days. This should spread over the entire surface of the carpet and let it act for 60 minutes, after which it should be vacuumed. This treatment also serves if we want to store the carpet for a period of time, but in that case, we will not aspire the salt, but we will roll the carpet with it and we will aspire it when we are going to use it again.

Tips for removing stains

But what happens when our carpet has a stain of food, drink and other dirt? In this case we must be careful, because if we do not know how to treat it we can spoil the carpet . First of all, tranquility.

A trick to remove recent stains is to apply a jet of carbonated water (soda) and leave for a few minutes. Then you should dry with a dry and clean towel, but without rubbing, just pressing it to absorb moisture.

When the stains are old and / or dry, we must carefully brush to remove most of the dirt, and then apply the right product according to its composition.

Always respect the instructions for use of the product you apply, always using the indicated amount and applying for the appropriate time. Steam is not recommended if you do not know the composition of the carpet, as it can burn or distort it. If it is synthetic, abrasive products such as bleach are not interesting either.

Another trick to remove the dry spots is to mix two tablespoons of detergent with three of vinegar and a cup of hot water. Apply the mixture to the stain with a sponge and then dry with a clean dry towel without rubbing.

Trick to perfume the carpets

If in addition to clean, you want your carpet smells good, you can do the following: take the vacuum cleaner and introduce into the bag containing dust (preferably new) kitchen paper impregnated with cologne, essential oils or any flavoring liquid. Once the bag is placed in the vacuum cleaner, use the latter as usual. The air that passes through the bag will be flavored, impregnating the atmosphere with its perfume and depositing particles on the carpet. In this way it will be clean and perfumed at once .

Tips for cleaning carpets

Carpets usually give a special touch to the decoration of our home, but the care and cleaning of these can become a headache. Apart from the dust they accumulate, there is no lack of stains caused by food, the dirt we bring from outside and for those who have pets, this is one of the favorite places to rest … and for some, a place to go to the bathroom.

In addition to the hairs and urine of our dogs and cats, the carpets accumulate mites, dead cells, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOC), dirt and bacteria.

Did you know that your carpet can contain four times its weight in dirt and up to more than 4,000 germs than your toilet?
Before getting rid of that carpet that cost you so much to choose and that combines so well with the rest of the decoration of your home, pay attention to these cleaning tips .

A regular vacuum, at least once a week is essential, but does not remove dirt, mites and bacteria . Even the use of soap and water is not enough, when it comes to removing stains, deep odors and accumulated dust for several months.

Bacteria can remain alive on a carpet for up to four weeks.
A highly recommended natural product is sodium bicarbonate . Spread it on the carpet and let it sit for at least 30 minutes, then vacuum the carpet . The bicarbonate, in addition to absorbing odors and deep stains , also removes dirt.

In the case of stains, it is always good to clean as soon as the accident happens, before they dry on the carpet. The longer the stain lasts, the harder it will be to remove.

The worst spots to clean? The red wine ones! For these, we recommend the Red Wine Stain Remover Wine Away . Before spreading this or any product on the stain, we recommend doing a test on a small area of the carpet, not very visible, to see how it reacts to the fabric.

For cleaning carpets , it is advisable to use a cloth . If you use a brush, you run the risk of mistreating the fibers of the carpet, causing it to fray.

If you are going to clean your carpet with a neutral soap , avoid using large amounts of water that could soak it. The excessive use of water, can generate the formation of fungi or mold in the carpet.

When the carpet is completely dry, use a neutral pH deodorizer such as the Dream Clean Deodorizer to remove any deep and unpleasant odor from the carpet.

Do you prefer to save your stress and leave your carpet in the hands of professionals?
The carpet cleaning is one of our specialized services. Our experts will go to your home or office and will be responsible for giving the best care to your carpet , using natural products and free of chemicals , which will leave free of any dirt, stain or bad smell.

How to clean carpets and carpets

Cleaning Carpets and Carpets is essential if in our home we use these decorative elements to create environmental warmth and printing in each room a sophisticated, rustic, classic or modern touch.

The carpets generate comfort cushioning the noise of our footsteps, warmth against cold pavements, division and framing of spaces and environments depending on their size, color, shape and texture.

But … the use of this type of coverings, in front of its many kindnesses, always implies a problem, that is the cleaning of carpets , and their maintenance in good condition.

Being usually made with natural fabrics such as wool, vegetable fibers or yarn, all of them very absorbent materials, and usually laid on the ground, are the target of all kinds of stains, which will force us in the case of large carpets to resort to some home cleaning service.

When it comes to cleaning special carpets because of their origin, price or uniqueness, the most advisable thing is not to play around trying to solve it personally, so we recommend you go to some cleaning companies specialized in conservation and cleaning of carpets and carpets to compare budgets and decide on the one that offers the most guarantees and results.

If on the contrary, your carpets are of a manageable size, and always following the instructions of the manufacturers we can help you with some tips to clean different types of carpets.

Basic information for Cleaning carpets and carpets
The type of knot and the termination will also influence the way to proceed with the cleaning of carpets , as well as utensils and cleaning products that we will use.

There are carpets in knot, with less or greater thickness, shaved carpets and mixed carpets: they combine knot and shaving on the same canvas.
Before starting to clean a carpet , we must also always inform us about the instructions of the manufacturer in question of dyes that have been made to know if they are solid, or can be discolored, to apply some sanitizing treatments or others, that besides carpet cleaning, guarantee the conservation of its color and texture.

In the coloration of its fibers, natural dyes obtained from plants, minerals or even substances of animal origin are used, especially in carpets of ethnic origin and artisanal manufacture.

Artificial dyes that are not toxic are also used in industrially manufactured carpets.

After coloring, mordants are used, which are materials to fix the pigments, among which are: iron sulphate, alum or tin oxide.

The procedure to clean carpets , also depends on the bases and fibers with which they are manufactured.

The primary and secondary base on which the carpet is woven are usually made of polyurethane and polypropylene in industrially made carpets, using latex to join the bases.
Fibers give the body to the carpet, and can be wool, yarn, synthetic materials, or other manipulable materials.

To maintain carpet cleaning and prolong its life, you should follow the following tips to clean carpets and carpets.

Tips for cleaning carpets and carpets
1 # Vacuums regularly
The most recommended to maintain carpet cleaning , is to vacuum both sides, or faces, several times a week, or even daily if you have pets and children, preventing particles of sand, dust, and hairs from accumulating, that will cause the appearance of the feared mites, responsible for so many allergies.

2 # Cleaning of spilled liquids
Spilled liquids, such as wine , should be treated immediately to facilitate the cleaning of corrosive and staining that may occur.

3 # Every year a carpet cleaning should be done thoroughly
It will always be good to change your position and that of the furniture that may be on it, to get a more regular and uniform wear.

Cleaning Products Carpets and their uses
If you are determined to personally do the cleaning of carpets in your home, then we provide the most used cleaning products according to the type of carpet and degree of dirt or stain.

But first of all we insist on the need to perform a deep suction of both sides of the piece, to remove all kinds of dust particles, sand, etc., because if we do not, we run the risk of producing mud with the application of liquid products when cleaning carpets , leaving the area we have treated caked.

It is also very important to perform a test with the product that we are going to use in a small area that is not very visible. This is especially useful in long-haired carpets , because in case the product deteriorates the color, when applied in very few fibers, they will always be camouflaged with the rest.

In any case we insist on testing the resistance of the colors in an inconspicuous corner, and apply the products gently and in small quantities, before proceeding to carpet cleaning .

A solution of soapy ammonia in water, works well both in the cleaning of wool and felt carpets, as in acrylic short-pile or polyester carpets, when our pets do their own, or to clean up vomits.
The stains of fruit juices, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, wine, sauces, egg or blood, can be removed with a solution of neutral detergent and white vinegar to clean , in warm water.
Apply the solution with a damp sponge, after a while you clean it with a rag and let it dry.

5 tips to choose condominium manager

It is a key factor to achieve an adequate maintenance of the property, as well as having a mediator of healthy neighborly coexistence.

Living in a condominium should be the most refined expression of coexistence, given that entire families are forced to share, permanently, their living spaces. Stories of love, friendships, clandestine romances, intrigues and revenges arise in every housing building: almost all of them would come out, at least, a movie, a series of Netflix and a telenovela.

Only in Mexico City, half of its population lives in a structure of this type, hence the Social Procurator of Mexico City (Prosoc) has been dedicated to promote the affiliation of those inhabitants to the Law that Regulates the Property Regime in Condominium.

However, according to data from the same agency, of the almost 10,000 apartment buildings in this city, around 57% of those buildings have not been built with that figure, and therefore, do not have a professional administration.

Therefore, the administrators who are certified before that body are trained to handle neighbors and real estate adequately, as well as to create solutions to disagreements that may arise among residents.

In this way, the neighborhood organization could assess external providers for this service, according to the criteria suggested by the Prosoc:

1. Dedicated company. Hiring an external condominium administration will allow there to be one person or several dedicated exclusively to the attention of the building and its inhabitants.

2. Impartial mediator. By encouraging that it is a real estate administration professional, the absence of subjectivities in the resolution of conflicts will be sought, in order to reconcile the interests of all owners and not only those that best suit them, as happens if the administrator is a condominium owner.

3. Transparency and formality. As in any administration service, it is necessary for the provider to offer the monthly reports of the management of their resources and a monthly diagnosis of the state of the condominium, as well as the monitoring of reported problems.

4. Maintenance The company must be in charge of keeping the maintenance, payment of fees and supervision of employees in top condition. There are even some companies that are responsible for payments for services that owners do not have time to perform.

5. Constant supervision. In general, a frequent review of the facilities and common areas must be carried out, periodically reporting the state in which they are located.

The administrators registered with Prosoc have had to accredit their knowledge on the subject, as well as the formality of their company. Having an efficient condominium administration will not only help an adequate coexistence in the collective spaces but will allow the surplus value of the property to grow, thanks to the adequate maintenance of the whole building.

It is a key to your patrimonial care.

Basic concepts that you must know for the administration of your condominium.

Whether you already live in a condominium, or if you are in the process of forming one or moving into one, these concepts will help you better understand how it works.

What is a condominium?

It consists of the situation in which the property of a thing is shared by two or more people, which according to its structure, can be classified as: Vertical condominium ( multilevel building on common land with privately owned units and land rights) co-ownership ), horizontal condominium ( that is where the owner has the exclusive right to use his land and owns the building in it ) and mixed condominium ( consists of vertical and horizontal condominiums ).

What is a condominium owner?

Physical or moral person, owner of one or more privately owned units and, for the purposes of the Law in condominium property and its Regulations, to which it has entered into a contract under which, if fulfilled in its terms, it becomes owner under the property regime in condominium.

What is an assembly?

Maximum decision organ of a condominium, integrated by the majority of the condominium owners, in which the matters of common interest will be solved, with respect to the condominium.

What is an administrator?

The administrator of the condominium is in charge of giving certainty in the effective management of money and resources of the condominium. The administrator of the condominium or real estate is in charge not only of the financial resources (income and expenses) but also of the real estate and material resources that the condominium has.

What are the functions of the condominium administrator?

Attend suggestions, complaints and doubts.
Inform what is happening, what is going to happen, when and why.
Encourage good coexistence, tranquility, security, healthy interaction.
Facilitate the life of the condo or resident, the work of the administration of the condominium or property.
Measure user satisfaction, preferences of the majority.
What is a general assembly?

It is the maximum body of the condominium, which is the highest instance in the decision-making held in the terms of this Law, its Regulations, Articles of Incorporation and Internal Regulations, are expressed and discuss matters of self-interest and common interest. They are divided into ordinary and extraordinary.

What is an ordinary general assembly?

Are those assemblies that will be held at least once a year, where the administration must provide a documented account of its management for the last twelve months and they can deal with any issue related to the interests of the co-owners and adopt the corresponding agreements , except those that are the subject of extraordinary sessions .

What is an extraordinary general assembly?

They will take place whenever the needs of the condominium so demand, or at the request of the Administration Committee or of the co-owners that represent, at least, fifteen percent of the rights in the condominium, and in them only the topics included in the condominium can be treated. the citation.

What is the Regime in Condominium Property?

It is the formal legal act that the owner or owners of a property, will implement before a Notary Public declaring their willingness to establish this type of property for their best use.

What is the use of common goods?

All the occupants of the condominium must use all the common goods, the green areas and enjoy the services and general facilities, according to their nature and destination, without restricting or making more burdensome the rights of others, otherwise the sanctions will be applied provided in this Law.

What is an internal regulation?

It is the instrument that regulates the use of common areas and establishes the bases of healthy coexistence within the condominium, which complements and specifies the provisions of the Condominium Property Law according to the characteristics of each condominium.

Definition of maintenance fee

Annual contribution assigned to each unit of apartment, which will be paid in monthly installments, to cover administrative expenses and other common elements of the Condominium.

Tips to save time when showing properties for sale

Tips to save time when showing real estate

Filter the visits to the property

It is one of the main keys in a correct management of the appointment schedule: we must filter to obtain the best candidates and teach the right properties for them. All that is to arrange an appointment that we know in advance that does not fit in the property, is to waste time both the agent and the client.

On more than one occasion, either by courtesy (because they do not seem discriminatory when deciding whether a flat is suitable or not for someone) or by misinformation, (not knowing who is given an appointment to see a property), we We fill the agenda of visits without more filter than those who have requested to see the house.

Although we can never know for sure what property is perfect in all terms (economic, functional …) for those who request an appointment, there are situations in which it is evident that it is not available or is not adequate. It is in these cases where we must dismiss it politely and propose alternatives that do not cause rejection.

Order by sale probabilities

Managing appointments is not the same as arranging appointments. The rush leads us to want to fill the agenda at all costs and at reasonable time intervals, go giving time as they are interested in the property.

Although this is the common thing, whenever we can we should order and give preference to those appointments of which we have useful information that indicate a high interest or a high probability of being able to keep the property.

If we attend to these interested at the first hour, we may close the deal at the moment and not waste the rest of the time, to which we can calmly offer other alternatives that may fit them.

Plan the visit

How does a committed agent make a sale for someone who does his work by routine? The best way to discover it is in the form in which it raises the visits.

A committed agent will not condense the visit as much as possible so that the 15 – 30 minutes will be available to show it, but it will show it in full, stopping in detail wherever it may cause the visitor the greatest impression.

This also applies to the “linear” method of starting teaching from the moment you enter through the door. If the first thing we teach is a tiny toilet, it will not shine at all. However, even though it was found next to the entrance, we left it for the end after having witnessed a complete and spectacular bathroom in the area of ​​the bedrooms, it will be appreciated the functional and auxiliary character of that bathroom It would not have caught our attention at the beginning.

Send information in advance

It is also an excellent way to carry out that filter that we referred to in the first of the councils: if before making a visit or prior to it taking place, we make sure that all the relevant information of the property is in the hands of the Visitor, we will avoid surprises as you realize as soon as you upload a third without an elevator that is not what you want “for the rest of your life”.

For this reason, the way in which we organize the visit is as important as the source from which it comes: the tab in the real estate portals . These cards must be perfectly presented so that they do not give rise to confusion, as well as having interactive resources that go beyond the classic advertising text and several images.

Try new methods from the agency

What if, instead of motivating visitors, we try to prevent them from occurring? It is not about autoboicotearnos and refuse to arrange them, but find the way that these are not necessary or are simply complementary (to verify that the property they are interested in is really what they want).

This is possible thanks to new methodologies such as virtual tours of housing for real estate : a novel way of showing properties at a distance and with great detail, from where you want and the time and the times that are necessary.

Thus, you can provide each of the interested 360 degree tours of the properties so that they only request an appointment to visit them if they fall within their interests and they are really in a position to keep the house. Even make visits to several stakeholders via videoconference, to resolve questions directly as if we were inside the property.

With this last advice, you would cover the four remaining ones without hardly cost of time: filtering, informing and detailing on the property with a unique gesture that can be carried out from the office or from any place where there is access to Internet. Do you want to enter fully the way to sell flats in the s. XXI?

ORAL HEALTH How to have healthy teeth for life

Do you want to prevent the passage of time from causing stained teeth, tooth decay and even tooth decay? These tips will help you protect your teeth daily, from home and without great effort, to keep a bright and shiny smile for longer. They are simple and easy to implement care to keep your teeth healthy.

There are many reasons to take care of your teeth and your mouth, and not only have to do with the aesthetic question. Teeth fulfill several important functions for your body: not only are they useful for biting the food we eat, but also, during chewing, enzymes and lubricants are secreted that facilitate digestion. In other words, the mouth is one of the first steps in the digestive process. Go figure! If you did not have teeth, you could only follow a liquid diet or crushed food.

And that is not the only function of the mouth, it is also fundamental to speak well and, therefore, to communicate and make you understand. In that case, it is the tongue that allows you to form words with the help of lips and teeth.

As in other parts of the body, different health problems can occur in different structures: in the gums (such as gingivitis ), in the teeth (such as caries ) and in the mouth in general. Disorders such as blisters, inflammations, infections or loss of teeth, among others. To prevent or avoid these situations and to maintain a healthy mouth, you should follow some simple care regularly:

With a toothpaste or toothpaste with fluoride , brush your teeth every day, at least twice a day : after breakfast and before bedtime; and if you can, ideally also, after each meal and to take sweet snacks.
Give each tooth wash at least two minutes and do not leave any outside. It is important that you brush all your teeth and on all of their faces (front, top and back).
It is also recommended that you brush your tongue , to keep your breath fresh.
Do not brush your gums. The brush is too rough for this delicate skin. Better massage them with a gum or rubber gum stimulator or with your thumb (well washed!)
Make sure to use a soft bristle brush and change it every three months . It can be electric or manual .
Use thread or floss at least once a day.
Ask your dentist if you need to use an antibacterial mouthwash.
Limit the sugary foods you eat , especially between meals.
If you practice a contact sport, use appropriate protective equipment to protect your face while you play.
If you are taking medications, ask your dentist if they have side effects that can damage your teeth and, if so, what you can do about it.
Do not smoke or chew tobacco. This can not only stain your teeth and give you bad breath but also, worse, cause cancer.
Look inside your mouth frequently to see if you have sores that do not heal , irritation of the gums or other changes.
Visit the dentist regularly , at least once a year, for check-ups and cleanings.
Remember that maintaining a routine of good care of the mouth and teeth helps you to prevent the appearance of cavities (stings), the loss of teeth, pain in the gums or other problems in the future, as well as to maintain a pleasant breath and a beautiful smile. And if you have a problem with your teeth or are concerned about something related to your mouth, visit your dentist as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Caring for your mouth is the best way to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.