The adolescence is a vital stage in the life of a person, a stage with many changes and sometimes difficult to handle by parents.

One of the pillars for a teenager to develop fully and have a more positive attitude is the practice of sports. And if it’s team sport, better than better.

Sport is not only good for health, it is also essential when it comes to forging the young person’s personality and creating certain values.

But, only from adolescence?

No, the ideal is to instill the idea of ​​doing sports from very small. No need to start with professional sports, we can find games adapted to their age or just make them run, jump, walk … Thus, grow with good habits and less likely to develop chronic disorders.

To convince them when they are small is not difficult, but to do it when they reach 15-16 years old is already another song. And is that 40% of young people stop playing sports at these ages, claiming that they do not have time between school and homework. And what is the result? An excess of sedentary life.

That’s where our work as parents comes in. We must talk to them about the advantages and benefits of practicing sports, about the friends who will thank them and help them in choosing the most appropriate activity.

Is any sport worth it?

Yes and no. We must take into account our child’s abilities and interests. But we must also know that adolescence is the moment in which the body is in its greatest evolution: muscles, bones, body mass … Therefore, it is best to choose a sport that promotes its overall development and not just a part of the body: dance, handball, swimming, basketball …

And if you can choose, it is better that it be a team sport , and that these will provide a series of values ​​that will prepare them for adult life.

Discipline: they will see that the team is doing well when all the components follow the imposed discipline. And, what is the best? That many times they will not even realize that they are learning those values.

Respect the rules: they will realize that when they do not follow the rules, they also harm the rest of the team.

Group work: they learn to trust others and respect the opinions of everyone on the team. 

Leadership: they discover the importance of having a leader to guide the team and perform well.

Solidarity: team play encourages young people to help each other and strengthens bonds of solidarity.

Tolerance to frustration: this is a very important value for adult life. Thanks to group sports, young people learn to accept defeat and not get frustrated by it.

Victories without arrogance: just as defeats are accepted, victories are also celebrated but without arrogance. Something equally important to tolerate frustration.

Not only physical benefits, also mental

In short, sport in adolescence not only prevents obesity and sedentary lifestyle, but also achieves unimaginable effects on the mind: increased self-esteem, optimism, well-being, relaxation …

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