Is technique in training important?

Is technique in training important

Hello my Fitness people, this time I want to discuss a topic that has me very restless, I have been watching for some time and it is the importance of technique in sports training. When you enter a gym, you can see people wanting to lift weights higher than they can, with a terrible technique, with which the only thing they are getting is damaging their joints, muscles or causing a hernia.

The training technique is essential to perform every exercise of any sport you are practicing safely, without risking injury, this is the first rule that is taught to beginners before starting to train, but sometimes, athletes and Experienced trainers forget and expose themselves to damaging all their work.

Many times, more experienced athletes or coaches perform their training exercises without paying attention to the technique due to familiarity or excessive number of clients, lack of interest in teaching or doing things well, so they can perform Inappropriate movements that causes injuries. This happens because each movement needs a total attention from the position, the indicated weight and the way to do it to achieve a better training.

To achieve a good technique, it is necessary to concentrate, to take care of the movements of each exercise, mainly in the more advanced ones that tend to work with very heavy loads, which can cause them to perform poorly and a greater risk of injury.

It is important that the amount of cargo is adequate and personalized for each of us, you can find your maximum weight by performing the necessary tests before starting a workout.

Another factor that can lead to poor performance is physical or mental fatigue, an inadequate diet or an excess of stimulants such as energy drinks, as it can lead to mistakes that affect the training technique.

The key to progressing to the maximum is to first learn and improve the technique in the exercises that we will perform during training.

  • I leave the following tips:
  • Start without weight, practicing the techniques.
  • Make the series with dumbbells or weights, according to the maximum weight tests and work with 70% if you want to increase or define, 50% to lose weight, 100% to increase your strength.
  • When you carry more weight, do it under the supervision of a coach, partner or friend, it will give you confidence.
  • Look at the mirror. Not only are you looking pretty or handsome, they are also used to correct yourself.
  • Do not try to impress anyone by lifting heavy weights, the only thing you will cause is performing the exercises or a possible injury.
  • Do not overuse the muscle, or with high repetitions, or with high weights that are not able to control.
  • Before doing any exercise, inform yourself, but do not get carried away by what you see on social networks, look for experts to advise you.

Remember the most important is your body, you must take care of it because it is the one that sustains you all your life, performing exercises is to improve your well-being, not to harm your body.