How to choose the most appropriate home cleaning company?

How to choose the most appropriate home cleaning company?

In Clean Limar , we know that in many occasions there are cleanings that are postponed indefinitely, due to laziness, lack of time, indecision when calling a professional company for fear of costs and also to spoil the surfaces and finishes of furniture and other decorative and architectural elements if you think about doing this task personally. A perfect example of this type of cleaning tasks is the cleaning of armchairs , sofas and other upholstered elements, as well as the cleaning of mattresses , balconies, sills, inside, under and behind the furniture, etc.

And that is why it is common for dirt and stains to be installed on upholstered furniture , until yes or yes, there is no choice but to call a cleaning company for armchairs , sofas, upholstered chairs, and other items and items of furniture. furniture with this type of characteristics.

But before explaining cleaning systems for chairs, sofas, upholstered chairs, etc., used by professional cleaning companies , when it comes to removing stains and dirt in a deep and lasting way, we want to tell you about the importance of maintaining a good cleaning of upholstery to avoid health problems.

Why is it so important to perform a good cleaning of armchairs, sofas and all kinds of upholstery?

It is proven that dust in general, and especially that deposited in the upholstery of chairs and chairs, or carpets, and carpets, is a factor causing many domestic and occupational allergies , sharpening asthmatic processes, and triggering other problems of health such as eye irritation, conjunctivitis, itching of the throat, or dry cough, among others.

Removing dust from less absorbent surfaces is much easier with daily cleaning systems , but cleaning upholstered surfaces or cleaning carpets and carpets is not so easy due to characteristics such as the length of the fibers used to clean the surfaces. They make fabrics and pieces, and fluffy bases that are used in the production of upholstered furniture.

The nature of this type of elements, favor the absorption of a dirt composed not only by the visible spots, but also there is a dangerous accumulation in the interior zones that are imperceptible to the sight, and from which, some of its particles return to the state in suspension every time we sit down and get up making necessary in addition to a good vacuum both of these surfaces and the rest of the property and a wash of upholstered surfaces every so often in addition to the washing of carpets , mats, curtains, curtains, etc.

The most common way to get rid of dust on absorbent surfaces, is to use a vacuum cleaner, or otherwise use some type of brush-type utensil, or cloth to try to remove dust in passes, or striking, although the latter systems do not they are too effective, since only surface dust can be removed, which will again tend to fall on all surfaces.

The cleaning of sofas , armchairs and chairs upholstered frequently, helps to prevent dirt from penetrating more deeply, but it is usually one of the most neglected tasks in routine maintenance and cleaning .

Therefore we recommend that you include daily or alternately sucked sofas, chairs, armchairs, and other upholstery, thereby delaying the time before or after arriving to have to request a professional cleaning of upholstery .

But if that time has come, and you have not yet decided to call for specialized hands, continue reading to find out how to choose the most appropriate home cleaning company .

How to choose the home chair cleaning company best suited to your needs?

  1. Whatever means you use to find a cleaning company, be sure about your experience in cleaning all types of upholstery , since in cleaning companies as in other sectors, there are all kinds of services, so some are more dedicated to providing general services, and other companies also stand out for certain specializations.
  2. A company very specialized in cleaning upholstery , always has a cast of clients and very recognizable firms for anyone, who endorse his career.
  3. Look carefully at the technical explanations they give you when talking about the different types of tissues, and their more effective forms of treatment, because companies that are experts in these types of cleaning do not play their prestige, and you will recognize them immediately. your comments. A cleaning company expert in fabrics, will always tell you about the results and possibilities of cleaning the stains of the upholstery with guarantee and without damaging the material, so be wary of anyone who does not give you convincing explanations about how they will eliminate difficult stains. Surely you worry about the number of days you’ll have to do without your furniture, but that’s no problem if you choose a chair cleaning company at home. Companies specialized in washing upholstered surfaces , use wet and dry cleaning procedures , which apply with very light but powerful injection-extraction machinery and products such as professional use foams for cleaning and disinfectionof all kinds of fabrics, achieving very fast results without puddling the interior parts of the pieces, but reaching all the nooks and crannies with the same intensity. Nor should you worry about floors, walls or other furniture, since professional cleaning work includes prior protection of all nearby surfaces that are not going to be treated. In this way, and without having to depopulate your home, office, or business furniture, you will immediately have impeccable upholstery .
  4. For greater peace of mind, ask about the insurance company with which they work, and request that they include in their budgets a section on liability commitments.
  5. If you have convinced a good price-service ratio of the company you are going to hire, in view of the results and taking advantage of the visit that the manager will make to verify your satisfaction with the work done, remember if there are other elements that also need a total cleaning such as mattresses, special curtains that you can not wash at home, carpets, etc.
  6. Since you are already a client and you are going to order more jobs, it is very possible that you can leave as new the upholstery of your entire house or business at one time, and for much less than what you imagine.

Other tips on cleaning armchairs and all types of upholstery

  • If you do not have a good vacuum cleaner, do not try to clean fabric upholstery with wet procedures, because you will only get the embedded powder wet and form a clay paste or film that will worsen the state of the upholstery.
  • When you vacuum your upholstered armchairs and sofas, do not forget to clean the most difficult areas, because in them the most dirt will be concentrated, so use it thoroughly in the nooks and crannies.
  • Also clean the lower part of the seats every so often, so that the cleaning is really complete.
  • Not knowing the characteristics of the fabric, it is better not to gamble using chemical products when doing a domestic cleaning of your chairs or armchairs, but in any case, if you are determined to try it, we recommend that you do a previous test in some area of the least visible, using a minimum amount of product, to observe the reaction it produces in the tissue.
  • If your upholstered furniture has labels with instructions for cleaning and maintenance , you may find symbols such as S, which means that they can only be cleaned dry, or the W that serves to indicate that you can use clean upholstery using dry foam.
  • And if you have absolute certainty that the upholstery is made of some synthetic material such as skay, leatherette, you can use a sponge or cloth dampened with warm soapy water, to remove all the dirt, rinsing and drying later.
  • When cleaning sofas , chairs and chairs upholstered with suede, what is a synthetic suede imitation, after vacuuming, make a mixture of two parts of water for one of perfumed ammonia, and extend in orderly passes with the help of a brush with semi-rigid bristles, then rinse with a cloth moistened in warm water, and let dry naturally.
  • You have to remove the stains of grease and oil, immediately as soon as they are produced, absorbing as much as possible, because the more they penetrate the fabric, and the more they dry, they will become more resistant. To solve it, we recommend that you apply an absorbent paper with precision, being careful not to rub in order to not extend more. Then a little talc, or baking soda, letting it dry completely, and then help yourself with a brush to remove the dry remains of product and dirt.
  • Beware of the use of chemical products and an insistent rubbing when cleaning cotton upholstery and canvas, because many of them tend to lose their color, leaving a whitish area where the stain used to be.
  • Never use disinfectants such as bleach to remove the smell of vomit from a sofa , or the urine stain of an upholstered chair, because in addition to ending germs, it will finish with the color of the fabric, it will be best to ventilate as much as possible, remove all solid remains, and use a damp cloth to finish cleaning. Then pour baking soda on the stain and let it dry until the next day that you must remove by helping with the vacuum cleaner.
  • If you need to dry an upholstered surface, do it naturally, in the shade and in a well-ventilated place, but always out of direct exposure to the sun, because the sun is also a powerful bleach.
  • When there are small or pets at home, it is best to use padded covers that limit the entry of dirt of different nature to protect the upholstery from stains.