The best tips to leave your carpets as new

Everything you need to keep your carpets impeccable. In Guíalimpieza we give you the best tips to make your carpets look like the first day.

When we look at decoration magazines, television programs and see beautiful rooms decorated with wall to wall carpets , we can not deny the importance that carpets have in the decoration and how they are capable of transforming any space.

However, the biggest problem that always arises is how difficult it is to keep them like the first day. For this, in this article we leave you the best tips to make your carpets look radiant and as new.

The first thing we must take into account is that there are different types of carpets and therefore, different forms of care, depending on the material from which they are manufactured.

Wool carpets : It is recommended to vacuum them only once a week and if the carpet is very new, it is better to wait until it is dirtier.
Handmade carpets: It is better to clean them with a damp cloth, in the direction of the hair and then wait for it to dry.
Cotton rugs: The advantage of these rugs is that you can vacuum them, but also wash them with cold water and also dry.
Fiber carpets: There are synthetic ones that are very easy to clean like nylon and polyester. In the case of plant origin it is advisable to vacuum them every day or clean them dry. Tricks to remove stains.
For those who live with pets and often have to remove spots, there is an easy formula you can create in your own home, which consists of only combining water with soapy ammonia, which is perfect for carpets of wool, carpets and even synthetic.

In contrast, for food stains such as fruits, coffee, wine, sauces and others we recommend you to create a solution containing warm water, neutral detergent and vinegar. Then apply the liquid with a damp sponge and after a few minutes clean with a rag and let it dry.

Now if what you are looking for is to get rid of complicated stains like wax, oil, grease, tar, it is best to use a dry grease solvent.

And for stains of paints, chewing gums, acetone it is advisable to also use dry solvent, but then moisten the stain with the solution of warm water, vinegar and neutral detergent. And finish again with the solvent dry.

To erase mud spots or common dirt, we recommend checking that it is thoroughly dry and then brushing and applying an ammonia preparation with water.

As a final advice, we recommend that before applying any solution to your carpet, try first in a corner or in some part of poor visibility, if your carpet does not lose color.