Grandma’s tricks to clean carpets

Oxygenated water, lemon or salt are some of the best alternatives to cleaning products

To clean carpets at home easily and cheaply, you do not have to eat your head a lot. Although it may seem somewhat complicated, especially if you have children or pets at home , with these methods you can keep your carpets always clean.

At the time of If you do not want to waste your time and money looking for products to clean carpets, we present some of the best homemade tricks to make them look like new:

  1. Salt
    Salt is perfect for disinfecting and cleaning carpets. To remove the stains all you have to do is put a layer of salt on top, roll up the carpet and leave it like this for a few hours. It is then unrolled to aspirate the remains of the salt.
  2. Oxygenated water
    A trick if the stain is still wet is to apply over a little oxygenated water or simply sparkling water. Let it work without rubbing and dry it by putting an absorbent paper towel or a rag on it. It is very important to clean carpet stains from the edge to the inside to prevent them from getting bigger.
  3. White vinegar
    When it comes to cleaning carpets, white vinegar becomes one of the best tricks for houses where children or pets live that are always in contact with tissues. Although vinegar has an odor when it is wet, drying is odorless so it is perfect for people who suffer from asthma or are sensitive to the fragrance of cleaning products. Due to its acid quality, before using it to clean carpets, it must be diluted with a little water to avoid damaging the tissues to be treated.
  4. Ammonia
    When cleaning carpets, ammonia becomes one of the most effective tricks. Dilute the ammonia in hot water and apply it on the carpet with a vaporizer. The characteristic smell of ammonia will disappear when the carpet dries.