Cosmetic dentistry

The cosmetic dentistry is a set of treatments whose main objective is to improve the aesthetics of the teeth and gums to get a nice smile but at the same time natural. Officially, there are no dentists specialized in cosmetics since there is still no branch of dental studies focused on cosmetics.

Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile
However, there are many dentists who have decided to specialize on their own in these types of treatments and have made their experience in cosmetic dentistry their best value to their patients. In the dental clinics we have several dentists with an important training and experience in cosmetic treatments behind their backs.

Any of our patients can check it by looking at the previous and subsequent photos of the treatments that other people have done with them. In addition, thanks to our policy of keeping our dental team abreast of all the latest dentistry , our dentists regularly attend conferences, courses and programs on the latest developments in aesthetic treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments
Dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry can carry out an infinite number of treatments that improve the appearance of your smile. Many of these techniques not only help enhance the aesthetic but also improve the functionality of your smile. The most common aesthetic dentistry treatments are:

Teeth whitening : the treatment for whiter, more radiant teeth is probably the most sought after procedure in cosmetic dentistry. This treatment is completed in a single visit and gets good results.
Dental veneers : dental veneers are thin layers made in a personalized way with composite or porcelain that are placed on the anterior teeth to modify the shape and color of the teeth. In addition, they can cover spaces between the teeth, mask cracks and breaks or lengthen the teeth.
Dental implants : beyond recovering the functionality of the smile, they are undoubtedly a treatment that clearly improves the aesthetics of the smile.
Crown lengthening : excess or lack of gums are also aspects that clearly affect the aesthetics of the smile. With crown lengthening and other gingival treatments, these drawbacks can be improved.
Aesthetic fillings : the old silver amalgams can be replaced by a safer option for health and at the same time more aesthetic: composite fillings.
How will my new smile be?
Do you think that a white and aligned smile could improve your appearance and your life? You are not the only one. More and more people are coming to our dental clinics with the sole intention of improving the appearance of their smiles. But cosmetic dentistry can do much more than align or improve the color of your teeth. Our dentists can repair deformed, broken or chipped teeth, replace missing teeth or even reshape your gum line.

In addition, in our dental centers you will see the future results of the treatments even before they have started. Thanks to the 3D technology we use in we can reproduce the results of several treatments in digital image so that you are aware of what your smile would be like if you decided to carry them out.

Questions to ask yourself before a cosmetic treatment
These are the questions that any patient should consider before carrying out any aesthetic treatment:

How will the results be? Normally this is the aspect that most worries patients and thanks to the technology that we have in, it is already possible to know it clearly and accurately.

When will I get the results? Some treatments require a single session, while others require several visits. Our dentists will explain it to you before starting each process.

How long will the results last? Our dentists will explain it to you in each case, but you should know that in most treatments, their duration depends in large part on the good dental care that you carry out.

How much does the procedure cost? The price of aesthetic treatments varies a lot depending on the procedure. Of course, you can be sure that will detail each and every one of the costs and that there will be no fine print in the explanations.