5 tips to choose condominium manager

It is a key factor to achieve an adequate maintenance of the property, as well as having a mediator of healthy neighborly coexistence.

Living in a condominium should be the most refined expression of coexistence, given that entire families are forced to share, permanently, their living spaces. Stories of love, friendships, clandestine romances, intrigues and revenges arise in every housing building: almost all of them would come out, at least, a movie, a series of Netflix and a telenovela.

Only in Mexico City, half of its population lives in a structure of this type, hence the Social Procurator of Mexico City (Prosoc) has been dedicated to promote the affiliation of those inhabitants to the Law that Regulates the Property Regime in Condominium.

However, according to data from the same agency, of the almost 10,000 apartment buildings in this city, around 57% of those buildings have not been built with that figure, and therefore, do not have a professional administration.

Therefore, the administrators who are certified before that body are trained to handle neighbors and real estate adequately, as well as to create solutions to disagreements that may arise among residents.

In this way, the neighborhood organization could assess external providers for this service, according to the criteria suggested by the Prosoc:

1. Dedicated company. Hiring an external condominium administration will allow there to be one person or several dedicated exclusively to the attention of the building and its inhabitants.

2. Impartial mediator. By encouraging that it is a real estate administration professional, the absence of subjectivities in the resolution of conflicts will be sought, in order to reconcile the interests of all owners and not only those that best suit them, as happens if the administrator is a condominium owner.

3. Transparency and formality. As in any administration service, it is necessary for the provider to offer the monthly reports of the management of their resources and a monthly diagnosis of the state of the condominium, as well as the monitoring of reported problems.

4. Maintenance The company must be in charge of keeping the maintenance, payment of fees and supervision of employees in top condition. There are even some companies that are responsible for payments for services that owners do not have time to perform.

5. Constant supervision. In general, a frequent review of the facilities and common areas must be carried out, periodically reporting the state in which they are located.

The administrators registered with Prosoc have had to accredit their knowledge on the subject, as well as the formality of their company. Having an efficient condominium administration will not only help an adequate coexistence in the collective spaces but will allow the surplus value of the property to grow, thanks to the adequate maintenance of the whole building.

It is a key to your patrimonial care.