A Look into Aviva

Aviva is one of the latest web directories to spring into the competitive market of website promotion and listing. Anyone who has a website understands that your website is only as successfully if the website is visible. There are over eighty million websites currently on the Internet and over one hundred million web pages.

The Aviva Directory is a family friendly directory that deals with web content that can be viewed by people of all ages. In order for a website to be accepted into Aviva the website must contain original content and be written in English.

Many new clients wonder how their website will be placed into the directory. Each website is placed into the directory according to the description of the website. This means that any one who is submitting their website to Aviva must write a clear description of the main points of their website.

The two types of website listings that Aviva offers clients are featured links and regular links. Featured links is where listings are displayed at the top of the specified directory category whereas regular links are just regular listings in the Aviva directory. The listings range from fifty dollars to seventy-five dollars per year.

The way in which Aviva works is that a website is submitted into a main category and then into one or more subcategories. The main categories that Aviva uses are art, lawyers, news, real estate, computers and internet, business, directories, recreation, reference, education, regional, employment, science, entertainment, forums, shopping, society, travel, games, home, health, sports, software and insurance.

After you have submitted your website to one main category then you will submit your website to one or more subcategories. If you website fell into the category of Sports then a handful of the subcategories that you could list your website under would be adventure racing, news, golf or baseball.

The Aviva Directory is very easy to use. Internet surfers can find information or a particular website in a matter of seconds. On the Aviva Directory homepage there is a search box that can easily find a website. Just type in a keyword and the information is right at your finger tips.